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About Porsche

Porsche's diverse cultural competency allows her  to understand the unique impact of structural and systemic issues that impact people of color. She is also bilingual in Spanish and able to understand unique cultural experiences that impact mental well-being. After graduating with her MSW, Porsche took the initiative to improve clinical Spanish to surpass any potential language barriers preventing access to mental wellness. Porsche is well versed in cultural diversity and understand the struggles that many people face today.

Porsche enjoys serving people from all walks of life seeking guidance and tools  for their mental health needs. Porsche's career history includes providing services range from children and adolescents to adults experiencing depression or trauma-related disorders such as anxiety attacks.

Porsche provides a nonjudgmental environment conducive to self-disclosure, comfort, and safety.  Porsche's VIP sessions openly discuss your needs to determine what will best suit you to live an improved quality of life where happiness prevails.

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Wishing you nothing but the best mentally and physically during these hard times. If you've realized that these hard times are taking an emotional toll on you, I'm here to help – contact me below and let's get you started with someone to talk to!

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I am proud to announce that as the COVID numbers reduce, I will be hosting in-person walking sessions in Rancho Cucamonga Monday-Friday 8:15- 11:15 am* written consent and limitations apply

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Patients love the ease
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I like how you are compassionate and caring but get me in line when I am doing things that are sabotaging my progress. The way you do it, I don't feel judged or attacked, but inspired to want and DO better for myself.

I love that I can email and text her for brief questions or appointment adjustments. I never had a doctor that I reach via text/email and get a human response. I don't have to call 800 numbers or placed on long holds just to let her know if I'm running late, or need a quick reminder about our appointment times. For that reason, I respect her time and feel heard, respected, and understood each time we connect.

I've learned to even use better self-talk when I am correcting my behavior. Instead of calling myself dumb or stupid for making mistakes, I am learning to love myself intentionally.

covid-19 gifts

We're COVID compliant!

I'm excited to share some COVID-19 gifts with my clients during these uncertain times – from hand sanitizers to masks, keychains, and more. Book your appointment today!

Looking for a voice-over artist?

In addition to a well rounded psycho therapist, Porsche is also a talented voice over actress. Listen to her demo below:

Black Mental Health
Helping Healing
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Therapy vs. Psychiatry